Monthly Archives: May 2012

Photos as paintings

Swan boat at the Boston Commons.

We visited Boston the other weekend & I had 30 minutes to run through the Boston Common and try to capture a few photos worth sharing. I’ve posted a few on my website in the categories of Americana and Animals, and this one under Art.

I decided I could I could make this photo richer and more useful by turning it into a “painting”. I edited it in several layers in Photoshop, adjusting opacity and overlay modes until I got the effect I wanted. ┬áIf you like this, there are a few more in the Art gallery that you might enjoy.



I want to use this blog to keep anyone interested about what is happening on my photo website. Here is one of the latest additions to my website.

I bought a new macro lens and have been working with it to see what I get. I edited some distractions out of the foreground.

Worship backgrounds

Because my aim is to sell my images, most of my website is right click protected and watermarked. However, I wanted to share my worship backgrounds with churches and individuals who can use them for worship. Most of the images are my photographs or creations. Those that are not are from sources such as free stock photo sites or U.S. government sites that are in the public domain.

Most are at 1024 x 768 resolution. To download, follow the link to my web site, then view at full size by hovering over the image and choosing view “original size”. Then right click and choose “Download Image As” or “Save Image As” to save to your computer.